World Cup 2019

The World’s Best are heading to Warwick! Although this time that’s Warwick in Queensland, Australia…

Combining the strategy of netball, the toughness of rugby, and the ball skills of lacrosse, polocrosse is an Australian made sport and for the 2019 World Cup it will be returning to its homeland.

Celebrating 80 years of polocrosse in 2019, the Polocrosse World Cup will bring players from eight countries – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, UK, Ireland, Zambia and Zimbabwe – to southern Queensland to see which team reigns supreme. As current world champions, South Africa will be fighting to hold onto the title, while former champions, Australia, will use their home turf and supporters to their advantage to try and take it back! Our UK team will be there, and whether you are making the trip or listening in at home, we hope you will get behind them all the way!

The event takes place over 7 days at Morgan Park in Warwick, with spectator numbers expected to be in the tens of thousands for this world class event. While the horses and riders show off their talents on the field, spectators will get an up close and personal experience from the sidelines where they can literally smell the sweat on the horses!

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