Nationals 2018 Results

Congratulations to all our Nationals winners for 2018. Despite the weather being less than ideal, we battled through three days of great play, with over 200 players from across the UK.

We would like to apologise for some of the confusion at prizegiving, unfortunately we had a lot of soggy scoresheets on Sunday which caused a few errors at the time. The correct results are show below and we could like to confirm that Kent Target are the winners of the National’s Trophy. Well done to all our winners!

Division Winners Runners-Up Best 1 Best 2 Best 3 Best Horse
A Highlanders Kent Target Jack Brown Joe Marsh Joel Sics Sea Breeze (Jason Webb)
B Arden Cotswold Chris Milburn Amy Harper Dom White Grace (Claudia Richardson)
UC Cotswold Arden Laurie Cam Boy Wilson-Fitzgerald Bella Bradford Reba (Laurie Cam)
LC Yorkshire / Northern Lions Limemere Ciaran Heagney Hayley Marsh Laura Scott Wrangler (Ciaran Heagney)
D Kent Target Arden Jess Joslin Rowan Saunders Amanda Wasdell Papaya (Madi Kish)
E Arden Limemere Christian Baker Luke Ralli Amanda Alderson V (Luke Ralli)
OJ Kent Target Yorkshire / Northern Lions Eve Thomason Alice Power Kate Tranter Morocha (Jack Webb)
NJ Celyn Mix Rob Ferguson Katinka Frassoni Georgia Richardson Mila (Rob Ferguson)
PJ Kent Target Arden Harriet Wasdell Rosie Webb Lottie Wilson-Fitzgerald Spotty (Georgia Wasdell)

Nationals Trophy – Kent Target
Best Overall Horse – Chispa (Jack Brown)

Best U14 – Boy Wilson-Fitzgerald
Best U16 (Bombers Trophy) – Josh Smith
Best U21 – Jack Brown
Best Male Veteran – Peter Fielden
Best Female Veteran – Kerry Bean

Kirsch Cup – Taryn Tinker & Webster
Flecha Peron (Best Veteran Horse) – Serocco (Cara Williams)
Most Improved – Zoe Williams
Best Retrained Racehorse – Quandeel (Kerry Bean)
Tony Shearing Memorial Award – Hamish Gillanders